Rental Turnkey Exhibit Solutions May Be Just What You Need

Rental Turnkey Exhibits… Rent… Show Up… That’s It!

Rental Turnkey Exhibit Solutions May Be Just What You Need

Renting a custom exhibit for your next show may be just what you need. Financially and logistically rental exhibit solutions can make your trade show selection a breeze.

Recently there have been more challenges to overcome when exhibiting at trade shows comes up. People are usually looking for big impact, but have a small budget and only a one time use. There are times where a display already exists, but the requirements have changed since the last show. Or, more common than not… First time exhibitors looking to test out the trade show world before fully investing into a full exhibit.

Our innovative trade show displays can be purchased or rented. With access to our signature customized designs and customer service, renting is more attractive and cost effective option than ever before.

Show Off…HangTen Fabric Displays

SHOW OFF With HangTen Fabric Displays!

Show Off...HangTen Fabric Displays


When you want to make a BIG splash in a smaller footprint, think HangTen. The series combines seamless tension fabric graphics with a scalable framework to serve more of your marketing needs. A HangTen back wall for your trade show can transform into a kiosk for sponsorships or a table top for conferences. Choose from curved or flat models with single or  double sided graphics.

Choose the Show Smart Solution: Extend the value of your event marketing program by investing in a presentation property that adapts to serve multiple floor plans. In addition to converting into smaller models, HangTen grows for even greater impact. Expand your presence by connecting two HangTen back walls to create a distinctive inline display that really stands out.

The Real Picture : Buy Displays On The Internet…Buyer Beware.

Buy Displays On The Internet…Buyer Beware.

Buy Displays On The Internet...Buyer Beware.


It’s not hard. A simple Google search will bring up more than you could usefully process. Pop Ups, back walls, kiosks, banner stands, tents…anything you could possibly want, right? Well, sort of. What may not be clear from online merchants, is the country of origin of the new cornerstone to your trade marketing presence. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t blind patriotism or bashing of foreign products; it’s simply a reminder that two potentially hand wringing outcomes are possible. The first is that what you receive isn’t what you bought. It’s close, but…

The other is that is arrives damaged, or soon becomes unusable due to a component failure. With so many knock off products in the marketplace, finding the correct parts is sometimes impossible, and if you’re lucky enough to find them, you still have to make the repairs yourself. Warranty and replacement timing? Don’t get us started. We’ve had to break this news to more than a few “bargain” shoppers, over the years.

Our suggestion? Purchase your display products from a reputable distributor of reputable display systems. You might be surprised to find that some of these originated in Europe, but have established distributor networks here at home. BSI Exhibits is proud to be a trusted distributor of Nomadic brand display products, but there are others: Skyline, Nimlok, and Abex, to name a few. Whichever brand you chose, you will have the peace of mind that guarantees, should there ever be an issue with a display purchase, you have your distributor available to make things right…right now.

Trust your exhibit program, and your budget, to the company with over 70 years of experience.



The Real Picture : Disc In, Graphics Out…We Wish.

Disc In, Graphics Out…We Wish.

Disc In, Graphics Out...We Wish.


Good exhibit graphics are critical for a number of reasons; not the least of which is, they’re generally what drives a potential client’s first impression of your company. That first impression says a lot about what and who you are as a company. It can also be a powerful tool. Good exhibit graphics don’t just happen. In fact, the list of variables that could potentially apply to any given project, is long and complex; enough that we like to refer to it as the “Black art”.

Assuming that your graphics are properly designed, (yes, there are some rules for that, as well) the choices that are made for production can directly affect their physical performance. Choosing the correct substrate, printing process, and lamination, are, at least, affected by considerations of size, location, lighting, and flexibility of use. Other considerations such as mounting or hanging method, consistency or coordination with existing graphics, and handling for transportation, all may play a role, as well.

Mix up a few of these considerations, and you can begin to see that good exhibit graphics are no accident. That’s OK. They’re an investment in your company’s presence; it’s mission and it’s message, and should be trusted to a partner with experience in both the planning and production of your valuable “first impression”. Your local sign shop might do a fine job on some projects, (and they can be a godsend when disaster strikes and you need something in a hurry), but regardless of what they may advertise, their expertise is not in trade show graphics. At least not good ones.

Good exhibit graphics also cost good money. Most investments do. We certainly understand there are many sources for graphics, and you can certainly “shop price”. Just keep in mind that the critical first impression you make on potential new clients, might just end up being …“We shopped price.”

Trust your exhibit program, and your budget, to the company with over 70 years of expertise.