AIA Convention at The Philadelphia Convention Center

American Institute of Architects Philadelphia
Philadelphia Convention Center
May 19 – 21, 2016

The AIA Convention is one of the largest and most exciting annual gatherings of architects and design professionals in The United States. Occurring only once a year, the people, ideas, environment, and setting all come together for an unforgettable experience. BSI Exhibits had the pleasure to have a client show off their brand new 10 x 20 Fab Lite Display.

A week ago the AIA Convention was at the Philadelphia Convention Center where one of our clients was able to show off their new 10x20 FabLite Display.


Bolder. Brighter. Better!…LightWall Backlit Display!

Like Moths To A Flame People Are Drawn To Light.

Stand out from the crowd with an astonishing LightWall Backlit Display that will enchant, engage, and energize your audience. Backlit displays combine seamless edge to edge imagery with true white LED lights for maximum graphic impact. The fabric graphic panels are lightweight, compact, durable, machine washable, and custom tailored to produce a wrinkle free fit and finish. Bright white LED lights not only save energy, but last up to 10,000 hours.

Assembly is easy, because the lights travel pre installed within the extrusion channel. Tool free assembly means frame sections glide together and tighten with thumb screws. Light modules connect between frame sections. Base plates mount to either side. And the graphic panel edges press into the channel on the front of the frame and the liner is attached by Velcro™ to the backside. Double sided displays are easily created by connecting two frames back to back. Amazingly, this LightWall Backlit Display pack into just one Roll One Case with a counter conversion, which can be shipped UPS and FedEx! Oh, one more thing… LightWall Backlit Displays are made in the USA and are backed by the industry’s best lifetime warranty. 

Contact us to find out more about LightWall Backlit Displays and our monthly promos!

Bolder. Brighter. Better!...LightWall Backlit Display!

Greeting Attendees

Greeting Attendees or, 11 Ways Not To Greet Attendees.

It is critical for your staff to create a welcome atmosphere that makes it appealing for attendees to want to stop by. What you don’t do can be as important as what you do. The following are things you should avoid:

Don’t sit.

You give attendees the impression you don’t care or you’re lazy. Attendees won’t interrupt your private time, as they see it.

Don’t read.

You aren’t able to make eye contact with attendees as they walk by your booth.

Don’t smoke.

It’s impolite and can actually be offensive to a prospective customer.

Don’t eat or drink.

It is just plain rude and messy. Potential customers are too polite to bother you when you’re eating.

Don’t ignore attendees.

If you’re busy when someone approaches, either acknowledge him/her or try to include him/her in your conversation. If you’re talking with a booth mate, break it off immediately.

Don’t talk on the telephone.

Why do you need a phone in your booth? Time on the phone is time away from potential prospects and tells everyone you have better things to do.

Don’t be a border guard.

Don’t stand where you become a barricade or block the attendees’ view. Stand near the aisle and off to the side.

Don’t hand out literature freely.

Your catalogs and brochures end up in a bag with everyone else’s literature. Be discriminating in who gets literature. Better yet, mail them to qualified prospects after the show.

Don’t underestimate prospects.

Get out of the habit of sizing up somebody simply by the way they look. Qualify them, don’t classify them.

Don’t cluster with friends and other booth personnel.

Don’t be a “street gang.”

Nobody will approach a group of strangers, it’s too intimidating. Be more approachable.


Source: How to Get the Most Out of Trade Shows by Steve Miller, Federal Way, Washington

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