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Ten Things Your Staff Should Know
By Bob Thomas, CME

There are certain things your staff must know to make your shows and events more efficient and effective, and that will eliminate dozens of calls to you. Create a packet of information for them and your exhibitor event will run much smoother. This can be emailed to all staff regardless of their location or travel schedule.

1. Give them a 1-page info sheet on the show. Booth number, setup, exhibit, and teardown times; contact names and numbers (including yours); show location; and booth information (graphics, themes, demos, etc.).

2. Explain where to pick up badges. Will they be mailed to them, will they be at
Exhibitor Registration, or will you have them at the pre-show training session? Make sure everyone knows not to register without asking you first – paying unnecessary full registration costs is a waste of money.

3. Provide transportation options and information for flyers, drivers, locals, and commuters. Include taxi rates, metro and train info, parking locations, and airport options. The more they know, the less they will bother you.

4. Give them a map of event hotels with addresses and phone numbers. That way, they can easily communicate with coworkers, colleagues, clients, and meet with potential customers.

5. Create a list of local restaurants. Include Starbucks, fast food, and good places to take customers. Include addresses and phone numbers for all – a map is even better if you can find one on the web or modify a show map.

6. Give them a floor plan for the trade show and highlight your exhibit and those of your competitors. Section off the floor and assign them a section to canvas for B2B work and pick up competitor literature.

7. Be sure everyone knows who is presenting a seminar or topical. This list should be given to all that are attending the show and it should appear as a table card or graphic in your booth. “Be sure to see our staff at these….” Be sure every one of them says that they will be in Booth #1234 after the presentation for further questions or follow-up discussions.

8. Tell them all the special events related to the show – receptions, staff meetings, networking opportunities, and trade show hours. Tell them you expect them to be at every event unless they have appointments with clients or potential customers. Create and distribute a staffing schedule.

9. If you allow them time for non-business fun, remind them NOT to wear company shirts or their badge in a non-professional situation. You don’t want your company  logo at local club or on someone stumbling home after closing the bars.

10. Distribute an event survey for your staff. Ask them to rate the booth, special events, and your performance (handy at review and bonus time). You may need to send a reminder after the event (again via email) to get 100% compliance, but by then they may have forgotten all the bad stuff!

While this takes more time and adds to your list of Things to Do, the appreciation by your staff and less hand-holding during the show more than makes up for it. Remember the better you educate, train, and prepare your staff, the more successful your event and the more indispensable you are. After all, it is all about you, right?

Bob Thomas, CME is Founder and President of Exhibit and Event Management an exhibit management and consulting company based in Columbus Ohio. He is also Past Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Trade Show Exhibitors Association and has been managing trade show marketing exhibits for more than 16 years.

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