The Real Picture : Buy Displays On The Internet…Buyer Beware.

Buy Displays On The Internet…Buyer Beware.

Buy Displays On The Internet...Buyer Beware.


It’s not hard. A simple Google search will bring up more than you could usefully process. Pop Ups, back walls, kiosks, banner stands, tents…anything you could possibly want, right? Well, sort of. What may not be clear from online merchants, is the country of origin of the new cornerstone to your trade marketing presence. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t blind patriotism or bashing of foreign products; it’s simply a reminder that two potentially hand wringing outcomes are possible. The first is that what you receive isn’t what you bought. It’s close, but…

The other is that is arrives damaged, or soon becomes unusable due to a component failure. With so many knock off products in the marketplace, finding the correct parts is sometimes impossible, and if you’re lucky enough to find them, you still have to make the repairs yourself. Warranty and replacement timing? Don’t get us started. We’ve had to break this news to more than a few “bargain” shoppers, over the years.

Our suggestion? Purchase your display products from a reputable distributor of reputable display systems. You might be surprised to find that some of these originated in Europe, but have established distributor networks here at home. BSI Exhibits is proud to be a trusted distributor of Nomadic brand display products, but there are others: Skyline, Nimlok, and Abex, to name a few. Whichever brand you chose, you will have the peace of mind that guarantees, should there ever be an issue with a display purchase, you have your distributor available to make things right…right now.

Trust your exhibit program, and your budget, to the company with over 70 years of experience.



The Real Picture : Disc In, Graphics Out…We Wish.

Disc In, Graphics Out…We Wish.

Disc In, Graphics Out...We Wish.


Good exhibit graphics are critical for a number of reasons; not the least of which is, they’re generally what drives a potential client’s first impression of your company. That first impression says a lot about what and who you are as a company. It can also be a powerful tool. Good exhibit graphics don’t just happen. In fact, the list of variables that could potentially apply to any given project, is long and complex; enough that we like to refer to it as the “Black art”.

Assuming that your graphics are properly designed, (yes, there are some rules for that, as well) the choices that are made for production can directly affect their physical performance. Choosing the correct substrate, printing process, and lamination, are, at least, affected by considerations of size, location, lighting, and flexibility of use. Other considerations such as mounting or hanging method, consistency or coordination with existing graphics, and handling for transportation, all may play a role, as well.

Mix up a few of these considerations, and you can begin to see that good exhibit graphics are no accident. That’s OK. They’re an investment in your company’s presence; it’s mission and it’s message, and should be trusted to a partner with experience in both the planning and production of your valuable “first impression”. Your local sign shop might do a fine job on some projects, (and they can be a godsend when disaster strikes and you need something in a hurry), but regardless of what they may advertise, their expertise is not in trade show graphics. At least not good ones.

Good exhibit graphics also cost good money. Most investments do. We certainly understand there are many sources for graphics, and you can certainly “shop price”. Just keep in mind that the critical first impression you make on potential new clients, might just end up being …“We shopped price.”

Trust your exhibit program, and your budget, to the company with over 70 years of expertise.



Show Off With A New HangTen Display

Show Off, HangTen!

Show Off With A New HangTen Display


When you want to make a BIG splash in a smaller footprint, think HangTen. Our new budget boosting, six in one display combines brilliant printed fabric graphics with scalability to serve your multiple marketing needs. Why buy display properties for each type of event? With one display your back wall for trade show, your kiosk for sponsorships, and your table top for conferences is covered. You get all six of these designs in one market smart solution for under $4,500! There’s more to the story. You can power up your display now, or in the future, by adding high performance options; that reflect your unique presentation style!


The Real Picture : Do You Really Get What You Pay For…

Do You Really Get What You Pay For…

The Real Picture : Do You Really Get What You Pay For...


If the only component to cost was what you directly paid for an item or service, this would be easy. The reality is that no product or service exists in a vacuum and, in many cases, the product and service work together to deliver (hopefully) your intended result.

One instance was touched on in our last segment: Weight cost. A simple example would be buying an exhibit on price, that is heavier than a more expensive choice, but erasing any savings by paying more to ship it. Depending on your schedule, this factor alone could end up costing you more over time.

Another good example is buying a more inexpensive version of a trusted product. It looks the same online, and the description seems to match, but the reality ends up being maintenance costs and failures requiring replacement. It doesn’t take too many replacements of inferior products before they equal the cost of the trusted version.

Digital printing is a popular target for savings as well. There are a wide variety of printers, substrates, and techniques to be had; but not all of them work properly in every case. Most printing is actually performance specific and require experience to choose correctly. The wrong choices can be costly. Imagine having to hang your new full color banner in place that allows lots of light to pass through it from behind. At best your images will wash out. At worst, your message and or logo become unreadable.

File preparation or disc checks, go hand in hand with the last example. Some people think it’s as simple as “disc in – graphics out.” We wish it were. I’m sure you’ve been places and seen graphics that were blurry and pixilated when enlarged. That’s insufficient resolution; a problem that could be avoided with a simple disc check. Your graphics are what your potential client sees first, so good graphics are essential. Good graphics also cost a bit more. In fact, they cost just about as much as printing poorly prepared and printed graphics over again.

Trust your exhibit program, and your budget, to the company with over 70 years of expertise.

The Real Picture : Is Weight Really The Enemy…

Is Weight Really The Enemy…

The Real Picture : Is Weight Really The Enemy...


When looking at a trade show or convention budget, managers often attack in two seemingly obvious places: price and weight. We’ll talk about price next time, this time let’s focus on weight. True. Weight does have an effect on costs, when considered in the context of shipping and drayage charges. Lighter is better. The surprise comes when managers try to use the same lightweight technologies, (that reign supreme for their portable exhibit programs) in their larger custom exhibits.

A custom exhibit program that is carefully engineered and constructed of lightweight materials, but also has a parts list as long as your arm, defeats the intent. Some exhibit suppliers are only equipped to solve that half of the challenge. The often ignored other half of the challenge is continuing labor costs. Labor is time. Time is expensive. It’s simple. The more parts there are, the longer it will take to inventory and maintain those parts. That’s labor. These same parts will also take longer to assemble and dismantle at the show. That’s labor, too. The reality is that an assumption of savings based on weight of components and packaging alone, can often be incorrect. Without the benefit of the expertise to design with the right combination of materials and technologies, you may fail to successfully meet both halves of the challenge.

Trust your exhibit program, and your budget, to the company with over 70 years of expertise.