ENVISION…What You Want Your Exhibit To Express.

Your back wall communicates more than just your marketing message…

It says something about you and your company.

• Is it telling prospects that your company, like your trade show display, is a little outdated? Is it a typical backwall that says you’re just like everyone else?
• Or is the fresh, custom look of your display proclaiming that you have something unique to offer?

FabLite Backwalls. The Ease Of A Banner Stand…But Larger!

In need of a display solution for your on the go sales team? FabLite BackWalls!

FabLite Backwalls bring the ease of a banner stand… But larger!

Big and bold, FabLite is also our most affordable portable trade show display. With the horizontally or vertically curved frame completely encased, your audience can focus on your brand’s message.

Custom tailored to fit and provide a smooth finish, each graphic pillowcase is printed on the front side and features black fabric on the back for opacity. Plus our dye sub fabric graphics are wrinkle-resistant, durable, and washable.

FabLite assembly is fast and easy. Tube frame sections are bungeed together to quickly connect. The pillowcase dye sub graphic pulls down over the frame and zips closed. Presto – you’re ready to show!

Introducing...FabLite Backwalls | BSI Exhibits

FabLite Tabletops…The New Portable Tabletop Display.

FabLite Tabletops… The New Portable Tabletop Display!

Tabletop Displays? Introducing...FabLite Tabletops | BSI Exhibits

Introducing… FabLite Tabletops! The New Portable Tabletop Display.

Fablite Displays are fabulous options for trade shows, traveling sales reps, HR recruiting events, and seminar sponsorships. Here’s why:

Big Graphics Impact

Viewers will focus on your brand because the frame is completely hidden. Add an optional Wave halogen light to bring the message to life.

Custom tailored to fit and provide a smooth finish, each kit comes with a liner for added opacity. Remember, our dye sub graphics are fully washable, wrinkle resistant and have an NFPA 701 rating for flame retardancy.

Compact and Lightweight

FabLite packs to carry in our popular SignLine Express EZ shoulder bag that weighs less than 15 lbs.


Two new, price point tabletop kits are now available to order. Choose from a horizontally or vertically curved model.


Island Modular Displays…Bigger…Is…Better!

Island Modular Displays… Now you can look SHARP for LESS.

Island Modular Displays… On The Show Floor… BIGGER… Is… BETTER! Greet prospective buyers with an island display that projects your Stand Apart style and enables them to experience your brand on a larger and more compelling scale.

Our latest collection of designs help you demonstrate your key selling points with generous real estate for graphics. Workstations featuring lockable storage for computer driven presentations and casual seating areas to extend the conversation.

Whether you choose to purchase or rent, you get it all for a Show Smart price.

Island Modular Displays...Bigger Is Better | BSI Exhibits


Mobile Kiosks Are an Excellent Tool For Customer Interaction

Mobile Kiosks… Marketing That Moves!

Mobile Kiosks Are an Excellent Tool For Customer Interaction

Mobile kiosks are an excellent tool for interacting with your audience.

Take your show on the road and promote your product or service. In retail environments, public spaces, special events, and the trade show floor; kiosks are the perfect solution.

Kiosks enable you to blend strong branding, interchangeable graphics, product display, demo stations, information points, and iPad stands into a unique selling solution.

They are constructed of modular components and can also be reconfigured to suit different demands. Choose from one of our pre engineered designs or let us build a custom unit to meet your exact specifications. The options are endless!