Next! Modular SEG Fabric System is truly the best of both worlds!

NEXT! Modular SEG Fabric System :

NEXT! Modular SEG Fabric System


Next Modular SEG Fabric System is truly the best of both worlds. With the upmarket hard panel look of custom SEG extrusion systems with the lightweight no tools ultra portable world of pop ups.

In today’s industry versatility is key. Next Displays can be connected to each other, on top of each other, and at ninety degree angles. Counters can be added, while also combining different size frames, and lights to create powerful exhibits and pop up interiors.

Next is a truly modular system that combines frames in many different way to accommodate 10 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet inline spaces or 20 feet by 20 feet and larger islands. Create endless backdrops and private coves for events with a clean continuous image and professional presentation. Each variation is set up and taken down without the need for tools.

Graphics are printed in HD Grand Format 8 Color, sewn, and finished to perfection by professionals. Our special fabric is FR coated and when installed the taut graphics have just enough stretch to pull out typical fold lines.


Tired of the Same Old…Same Old…H-Line!

H Line Modular!

H-Line Modular | BSI Exhibits

H Line is a trade show display system which allows you to easily create a custom booth using pre assembled modules with the graphics included.

With the full surface area completely dedicated to the graphic image, the H Line creates an unparalleled visual impact while also providing a full assortment of useful functionality.

The H Line display is a perfect solution for those that would like a booth that is both modular and flexible.

Bolder. Brighter. Better!…LightWall Backlit Display!

Like Moths To A Flame People Are Drawn To Light.

Stand out from the crowd with an astonishing LightWall Backlit Display that will enchant, engage, and energize your audience. Backlit displays combine seamless edge to edge imagery with true white LED lights for maximum graphic impact. The fabric graphic panels are lightweight, compact, durable, machine washable, and custom tailored to produce a wrinkle free fit and finish. Bright white LED lights not only save energy, but last up to 10,000 hours.

Assembly is easy, because the lights travel pre installed within the extrusion channel. Tool free assembly means frame sections glide together and tighten with thumb screws. Light modules connect between frame sections. Base plates mount to either side. And the graphic panel edges press into the channel on the front of the frame and the liner is attached by Velcro™ to the backside. Double sided displays are easily created by connecting two frames back to back. Amazingly, this LightWall Backlit Display pack into just one Roll One Case with a counter conversion, which can be shipped UPS and FedEx! Oh, one more thing… LightWall Backlit Displays are made in the USA and are backed by the industry’s best lifetime warranty. 

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Bolder. Brighter. Better!...LightWall Backlit Display!

What you want your exhibit to express…ENVISION.

Your ENVISION back wall communicates more than just your marketing message…

It says something about you and your company. Now, does your back wall tell prospects that your company, like your trade show display, is a little outdated? Is it a typical back wall that says you’re just like everyone else? Or is the fresh, custom look of your display proclaiming that you have something unique to offer? Think ENVISION…What you want your exhibit to express.

What you want your exhibit to express...ENVISION.

Backlit Displays. Bolder…Brighter…Better.

Be Bolder… Brighter… Better. Bring a Backlit Display!

Bolder. Brighter. Better!...LightWall Backlit Display!

LightWall Backlit Displays will delight your audience and your team with features like these:

Custom tailored SEG (silicone edge gasket) fabric graphic panel is wrinkle resistant, durable and machine washable

Tool Free Assembly

LED lights stay pre installed in the frame Energy saving LED lights last up to 10,000 hours

Complete display up to 20’ packs into a RollOne case with a counter conversion

Ships UPS and FedEx

Like moths to a flame people are drawn to light. Stand out at your events with an astonishing Backlit Display. LightWall Backlit Displays will enchant, engage, and energize your audience.

Our new series of dazzling display walls combine seamless edge to edge imagery with true white LED lights to boost graphic impact. The reaction you receive will be priceless.