Bolder. Brighter. Better!…LightWall Backlit Display!

Like Moths To A Flame People Are Drawn To Light.

Stand out from the crowd with an astonishing LightWall Backlit Display that will enchant, engage, and energize your audience. Backlit displays combine seamless edge to edge imagery with true white LED lights for maximum graphic impact. The fabric graphic panels are lightweight, compact, durable, machine washable, and custom tailored to produce a wrinkle free fit and finish. Bright white LED lights not only save energy, but last up to 10,000 hours.

Assembly is easy, because the lights travel pre installed within the extrusion channel. Tool free assembly means frame sections glide together and tighten with thumb screws. Light modules connect between frame sections. Base plates mount to either side. And the graphic panel edges press into the channel on the front of the frame and the liner is attached by Velcro™ to the backside. Double sided displays are easily created by connecting two frames back to back. Amazingly, this LightWall Backlit Display pack into just one Roll One Case with a counter conversion, which can be shipped UPS and FedEx! Oh, one more thing… LightWall Backlit Displays are made in the USA and are backed by the industry’s best lifetime warranty. 

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Bolder. Brighter. Better!...LightWall Backlit Display!