Enthusiasm…The Second “E” In Service

ENTHUSIASM…The Second “E” In Service | What Is SERVICE 7 of 7:Enthusiasm...The Second "E" In Service | What Is SERVICE 7 of 7

ENTHUSIASM: This one is simple. It’s the difference between knowing what to do, and wanting to do it. Enthusiasm is the prized ingredient that emulsifies skill and experience to create this formidable recipe we proudly call “SERVICE”.

In an industry where failure is never an option, and every day is another down a winding river of deadlines; it is the absolute key to the unrivaled support we continue to provide our clients every day.

We recognize the energy it takes to exceed in this business, and draw great energy from its frenetic pace.

We truly love what we do.

Gratification in business wears many faces, depending on the task, which sometimes stay hidden in a fog of unrealistic expectations and an inflexible corporate culture. At BSI Exhibits we feel gratification every day. That’s not to say we don’t endure our share of trying events (those are to be expected in a business on which so much rides), but these are tempered greatly by the confidence born of over half a century of service that sets the standard in the industry.

We relish our roles as problem solvers and view these occasional hurdles as opportunities to reinforce, to our clients and ourselves, that we have what it takes…day in and day out.

We have a saying at BSI, it goes like this:

“When a client’s reputation’s on the line, so is ours.”

We defend them both…with enthusiasm.


This is the seventh in a series of installments reinforcing BSI Exhibit’s commitment to…SERVICE.