Backlit Displays. Bolder…Brighter…Better.

Be Bolder… Brighter… Better. Bring a Backlit Display!

Bolder. Brighter. Better!...LightWall Backlit Display!

LightWall Backlit Displays will delight your audience and your team with features like these:

Custom tailored SEG (silicone edge gasket) fabric graphic panel is wrinkle resistant, durable and machine washable

Tool Free Assembly

LED lights stay pre installed in the frame Energy saving LED lights last up to 10,000 hours

Complete display up to 20’ packs into a RollOne case with a counter conversion

Ships UPS and FedEx

Like moths to a flame people are drawn to light. Stand out at your events with an astonishing Backlit Display. LightWall Backlit Displays will enchant, engage, and energize your audience.

Our new series of dazzling display walls combine seamless edge to edge imagery with true white LED lights to boost graphic impact. The reaction you receive will be priceless.