Berm Studios

Not Every Exhibit Has Wheels…

At least not at BSI Exhibits…

Trailer after trailer of carefully prepared tradeshow exhibit material rolling towards its next destination, safely and on schedule, only to return to us again for use at the next show. It’s a story we’re all very familiar with, and it’s a very important part of our business here at BSI. It’s not the whole story though. Not every exhibit lives its life “on wheels”. In fact, permanent exhibits show up in some very interesting places. Museums, for instance, have been a familiar destination for our creations.

It’s just the beginning, however. Imagine if you will… Mall and airport kiosks, corporate and commercial lobbies, corporate and institutional history displays, signage programs, conference rooms, point of purchase displays… and the next time a permanent display need arises, don’t spin your wheels, call BSI Exhibits!

BSI Exhibits has full logistics capabilities to get your exhibit across the country or around the globe… on time… every time! From a carton to a truckload, BSI Exhibits is fully aware that contained in every shipment is our over 75 year reputation and your career. BSI Exhibits, the shortest distance between two points.

When your reputation is on the line… so is ours!