Experience…The First “E” In Service

EXPERIENCE…The First “E” In Service | What Is SERVICE 2 of 7Experience...The First "E" In Service | What Is SERVICE 2 of 7

EXPERIENCE: It is the necessary ingredient that tempers raw knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm as they mature into the keys to success.

Providing the opportunity to see, to explore, and to grow. Allowing you to cross the boundaries that define you as you search for those precious and elusive insights that bring change for the better. It also brings the wisdom to recognize failure and embrace it for what it is, an opportunity to learn.

It has been said of that not one is bad. Can be unpleasant, profoundly challenging, or painful, yet still provide the opportunity to learn. If we exploit that opportunity and gather knowledge, how bad can it be?

It has also been said that there is no substitute for experience.

In business, with all else being equal, success is born of it…as is leadership.

BSI Exhibits has been a leader in the trade show exhibit industry for more than seventy-five years.

That’s over half a century.

That’s experience.


This is the second in a series of installments reinforcing BSI Exhibit’s commitment to…SERVICE.

Standards…The “S” In Service

STANDARDS…The “S” In Service | What Is SERVICE 1 of 7:Standards...The "S" In Service | What Is SERVICE 1 of 7

STANDARDS: Targets that, when reached, measure by their height an organization’s dedication, skill, and performance.

At BSI Exhibits, high standards aren’t a seldom fulfilled promise.

They’re a tradition.

These standards were drafted by our founder, Sydney Berman, at the very birth of our industry and have held true, rarely matched, over the many years since.

  • Accurately anticipate a client’s needs and act upon them swiftly
  • Use only skilled labor and the finest materials
  • Place creative minds throughout the company
  • Maintain financial stability.

In our industry, these standards are legendary.

That’s no accident.

In an atmosphere of increased competition, global market expansion, and technological revolution, it requires vigilance to maintain standards that define an industry. This vigilance makes it possible for us to explore the potential in new technologies, while allowing our experience to expose the relative value in each. Resistance to change is counterproductive and wasteful, but the same can be said of change for the sake of change. We excel in the middle ground that embraces the knowledge of the past and the promise of the future.

We, at BSI Exhibits, pledge our continued commitment to these high standards and their application in service to you, the client.


This is the first in a series of installments reinforcing BSI Exhibit’s commitment to…SERVICE.

Capabilities, Standards, and Complete List of Services


Our Capabilities and Complete List of Services

Our Capabilities, Standards, and Complete List of Services… BSI Exhibits is on the leading edge in trade show and promotional exhibiting – from design and display fabrication, to logistics, and the entire range of show services. That’s what’s kept us in the forefront of the business for over 75 years. From the simplest banner stand or pop-up display presentation, to an entire custom exhibit program or corporate lobby. BSI remains fully focused on every aspect of trade show, promotional, and first impression planning, participation and follow up.


  • Show Selection
  • Exhibit Planning, Design, Construction, and Rentals
  • Theme Selection
  • Time Line
  • Customer Invitation
  • Exhibit Graphics
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Literature
  • Talent
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Social Events
  • Press Events
  • Breakfasts
  • Luncheons
  • Dinners
  • Cocktails
  • Signage
  • Room Drops
  • Welcome Baskets
  • Photos
  • Seminars
  • Booth Trac Builders
  • Entertainment
  • Premiums
  • Corporate I.D. Treatments
  • Logistics
  • Set-Up
  • Tear-Down
  • Name Badges
  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Reports
  • Thank You Letters
  • Post-Show Follow-Up
  • Guest Activities
  • Coordination
  • Booth Furnishings
  • Computers
  • Audio Visual
  • Storage
  • Refurbishing
  • Cleaning Customs
  • Shipping
  • Return Shipping
  • Internet Order Fulfilment

Next! Modular SEG Fabric System is truly the best of both worlds!

NEXT! Modular SEG Fabric System :

NEXT! Modular SEG Fabric System


Next Modular SEG Fabric System is truly the best of both worlds. With the upmarket hard panel look of custom SEG extrusion systems with the lightweight no tools ultra portable world of pop ups.

In today’s industry versatility is key. Next Displays can be connected to each other, on top of each other, and at ninety degree angles. Counters can be added, while also combining different size frames, and lights to create powerful exhibits and pop up interiors.

Next is a truly modular system that combines frames in many different way to accommodate 10 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet inline spaces or 20 feet by 20 feet and larger islands. Create endless backdrops and private coves for events with a clean continuous image and professional presentation. Each variation is set up and taken down without the need for tools.

Graphics are printed in HD Grand Format 8 Color, sewn, and finished to perfection by professionals. Our special fabric is FR coated and when installed the taut graphics have just enough stretch to pull out typical fold lines.


Tired of the Same Old…Same Old…H-Line!

H Line Modular!

H-Line Modular | BSI Exhibits

H Line is a trade show display system which allows you to easily create a custom booth using pre assembled modules with the graphics included.

With the full surface area completely dedicated to the graphic image, the H Line creates an unparalleled visual impact while also providing a full assortment of useful functionality.

The H Line display is a perfect solution for those that would like a booth that is both modular and flexible.