Enthusiasm…The Second “E” In Service

ENTHUSIASM…The Second “E” In Service | What Is SERVICE 7 of 7:Enthusiasm...The Second "E" In Service | What Is SERVICE 7 of 7

ENTHUSIASM: This one is simple. It’s the difference between knowing what to do, and wanting to do it. Enthusiasm is the prized ingredient that emulsifies skill and experience to create this formidable recipe we proudly call “SERVICE”.

In an industry where failure is never an option, and every day is another down a winding river of deadlines; it is the absolute key to the unrivaled support we continue to provide our clients every day.

We recognize the energy it takes to exceed in this business, and draw great energy from its frenetic pace.

We truly love what we do.

Gratification in business wears many faces, depending on the task, which sometimes stay hidden in a fog of unrealistic expectations and an inflexible corporate culture. At BSI Exhibits we feel gratification every day. That’s not to say we don’t endure our share of trying events (those are to be expected in a business on which so much rides), but these are tempered greatly by the confidence born of over half a century of service that sets the standard in the industry.

We relish our roles as problem solvers and view these occasional hurdles as opportunities to reinforce, to our clients and ourselves, that we have what it takes…day in and day out.

We have a saying at BSI, it goes like this:

“When a client’s reputation’s on the line, so is ours.”

We defend them both…with enthusiasm.


This is the seventh in a series of installments reinforcing BSI Exhibit’s commitment to…SERVICE.


Creativity…The “C” In Service

CREATIVITY…The “C” In Service | What Is SERVICE 6 of 7:Creativity...The "C" In Service | What Is SERVICE 6 of 7

CREATIVITY: The ability to adapt and find solutions where others fail to see them, and to embrace the notion that may apply to more than one area of operation.

Understanding your clients needs and the options available to them, and making a perfect match.

Doing more with less.

Stretching your clients budget.

Setting trends, not following them.

Making the silk purse out of the sow’s ear.

More than colors and textures, its knowing what they say and do.

Fitting fifty pounds into a ten-pound bag, and having nobody notice.

It’s exploring new technologies, turning them inside out until they scream “uncle”, and successfully making them do things they weren’t designed to do.

Having a client sit back in their chair and say, “you read my mind”.

It’s putting the right person in the right job or adjusting that job to fit perfectly, all in an effort to provide correct and timely solutions to you,… the client.

It’s a new client looking for “that BSI Exhibits look”.


This is the sixth in a series of installments reinforcing BSI Exhibit’s commitment to…SERVICE.


Integrity…The “I” In Service

INTEGRITY…The “I” In Service | What Is SERVICE 5 of 7:Integrity...The "I" In Service | What Is SERVICE 5 of 7

INTEGRITY: In business today it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find companies who can, in good conscience, use this word to describe how they operate.

That’s because it’s not casually assigned.

Integrity is a badge of respect. It is awarded by clients and earned by companies who continually demonstrate an unbroken and undivided attention to quality.

We realize that the lessons of the past would be lost without application in the future. We find the lessons in everything we do, regardless of its degree of success; and demonstrate our integrity by applying that knowledge to each and every piece of work we do for you.

As we go through our second half-century as BSI Exhibits, we wear the badge proudly and reaffirm our purity of focus on you, the client, and your changing needs.

It isn’t a laurel on which to rest.

In appreciation of your trust, we continue to expand our impressive array of services to offer you true integrity within your tradeshow marketing and promotion operations. It’s the way we do business, every day.


This is the fifth in a series of installments reinforcing BSI Exhibit’s commitment to…SERVICE.