Exhibit Storage Is More Important Than You Think…

Hold it! Exhibit storage…

Exhibit Storage Is More Important Than You Think...

That is the only thing most people say when thinking about exhibit storage. Truth be told, storage is a bit of a misnomer. It is actually made up of a series of services, all of which can be customized to better help you manage your overall trade show program.

Remote Store and Hold:

Based on your show schedule, our logistics department can map out a plan that will minimize your freight and handling charges by arranging to have your exhibit held in a location that is central to any consecutive shows that just happen to be on the other side of the country… or the world, for that matter.

Sales and Marketing Support:

We feature a storage, retrieval, and distribution system that can drop ship all of the promotional and collateral materials needed to support your trade show program, advertising / marketing campaign, or sales force.

Itinerant Program Management:

We can design and implement a program to manage your portable or lightweight exhibit program. From one unit to one hundred units… from housing, shipping, and tracking… to maintenance, and graphics updating, the team at BSI Exhibits can do it for you.

Of course, storage always means the careful, climate controlled safe keeping of your exhibit properties, whether loose, cartons, or crated. We are proud to claim one of the nation’s largest privately held warehouse facilities specifically for exhibit programs. It’s just another way BSI Exhibits can offer you a level of customer service that remains unrivaled in the industry.

When your reputation’s on the line, so is ours!